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Pleasure Parties

Have you ever heard of a pleasure party?
If not, Pleasure Me How, is
here to show you and your
guest all the sexy products that can

help spice up your bedroom and sex life!  


Let’s get wild, Freaky, and experimental! As a Pleasure Me How host,

you are eligible to earn discounts, a free gift, and more, While

hosting your very own pleasure party. PMH will help you plan

a great event,  To share with your friends.

Fill out a few details below and we’ll reach out

to you shortly! 

We offer discounts, A way to earn a free product based on

qualifying party of $350+ in sales.  


50% off any product regardless of sales!


As a  pmh consultant I’m here to make this the easiest and most

exciting home party you've ever planned!


A pleasure party, or event, including a demonstration with our lavish products, games, guests interaction, sex education, and more exciting

goodies! But most importantly a memorable time with your friends! 


Pleasure me how consultant will share prolific ideas to
the perfect party for you and your guest!

Rather it’s a female only or co-Ed event.

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